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Communication Letter 1-2021


MotoCut mechanizes pile cutting on construction sites around the world. Just like modern forest machines have replaced chainsaws in forestry, MotoCut pile cutters will replace manual labor in physically demanding pile cutting work.

Last year we did major improvements to the quality and performance of our products. There is always room for improvement, but overall, the current portfolio is now in good shape. The next major improvement to the portfolio will be to bring pile crushing functionality and quick connectivity to the product family. This will significantly widen our sales potential and open new markets also for the existing products.

In the beginning of year 2021, we have made investments to our team and recruited electrical and mechanical engineers. Let’s welcome Tomi Aronen and Ville Lindsten to the team! MotoCut strategy remains unchanged. We will make pile cutting safer and faster globally. We will continue to work through our local sales and service partners and keep on expanding our business as we move forward.

Please read more in our communication letter: MotoCut Oy - Communication letter 1-2021


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Samuli Salmela, CEO

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