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Toni Arvila

Safe and fast pile cutting with MotoCut

It is time to replace manual disc cutters and hydraulic croppers when cutting concrete or steel piles. Finland based MotoCut Ltd has developed a new concept to replace the traditional, manual work and to improve job safety: MotoCut pile cutter for concrete piles is hydraulically-driven pile cutter featuring a pair of diamond cutting blades. MotoCut pile cutter for steel piles or pipes is using plasma cutting device and torches. With these machines, the productivity scales up and can be up to five times faster higher than in manual cutting.

Safety comes first. MotoCut cutters can be attached to an excavator and operated from the cabin. Thus, there are no risks of falling piles, dust or HAVS issues. The safety issues have been appreciated especially in the Scandinavian markets, where the job site safety is the top priority. In Scandinavia, MotoCut cutters are typically mounted to the excavator on a tilt-rotator. Other main markets areas at the moment are USA, Canada, Russia and Australia. MotoCut has local dealers in over 10 countries and is actively looking for more dealers globally.

Customers know it the best: Finnish entrepreneur Toni Arvila has a long experience in subcontracting earth moving and landscaping projects. He knows the circumstances, challenges and risks at the piling job sites. When he heard about the possibility to replace manual pile cutting with a safer working method, he wanted to first test it by himself on a real job site. Toni was positively surprised how easy it was to handle the whole cutting process from the cabin of the excavator without standing in the risk zone of a possible falling pile. Also the productivity increased from the very first pile that he cut.

Toni Arvila testing the MotoCut pile cutter.

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