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MotoCut P-Series – Steel Pile and Pipe Cutting with Plasma Technology

MotoCut P-Series Steel Cutting Plasma

The Plasma cutter is a pioneering innovation dedicated to cutting tubular steel piles and pipes.
MotoCut stands as the global leader in manufacturing fully automated mobile plasma cutters, delivering substantial benefits such as high-quality cut results, minimized labor costs, elevated work safety, and expedited project timelines.

The MotoCut Plasma Cutter attachment operates on any 16-40t hydraulic excavator with a hammer line.

The seamless combination of human effort and automation ensures cost and time savings with minimal manpower needed. The automated cutting process is securely controlled from the excavator cabin, where the machine operator monitors the process through the HMI and machine controls.

This results in significantly higher productivity and quality compared to standard cutting methods.



For steel piles from 170 mm to 630 mm

  • Grab the pile, start the cutter and wait until the cutting process is done.
  • Place the off-cut to a desired location.

P-Series Steel Cut quality

MotoCut P-Series Steel cutting

MotoCut P-400MotoCut P-600 plasma cutter for steel pile cutting

Plasma cutter P-Series key technical features

MotoCut P-Series Pile size

Benefits with MotoCut Plasma Cutters

  • Remarkably low operational expenses.
    • Uses the fuel of the excavator to run
    • Uses self generated compressed air to cut
  • Substantially reduces labor costs with minimal manpower requirements.
  • Delivers exceptional cut quality
    • No rework or secondary process needed, such as surface grinding.
    • Cut-offs can be easily reused.
  • Safe and quick pile handling from the comfort of the excavator cabin
  • Minimizes health risks for workers.
    • Operators remain shielded from dust, fumes, and metal particles, avoiding HAVS (*Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome) issues.
  • Productivity rate exceeding 150 piles per day.
  • Diminishes dB noise pollution.
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