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MotoCut M-Series – the latest addition to the steel pile and pipe cutting lineup.

MotoCut M-Series steel pipe cutting

Our newest member for steel pile and profile cutting is the M-170S steel saw, engineered for cutting piles under 170 mm.

The MotoCut Micro Pile Cutter is a fully automated tool, compatible with any 7-20t hydraulic excavator featuring a hammer line. The cutting process is entirely computer-controlled, leading to significantly increased productivity and quality compared to standard cutting methods. As with other MotoCut products, the M-Series cutter is operated from the excavator's cabin, ensuring the operator's safe distance from the hazardous cutting zone.


Saw cut

For steel piles and profiles under 170 mm

  • Grab the pile
  • Establish ground support if needed.
  • Cut through the pile.
  • Place the cut-off to a desired location.

MotoCut M-Series cutting process

Steel Saw M-Series Key Technial Features

Benefits with MotoCut M-Series Cutters

  • Easy installation to the excavator and switch between different attachments.
  • Enables safe and quick pile handling from the comfort of the excavator cabin.
  • Minimizes health risks for workers.
    • Operators remain shielded from dust, fumes, and metal particles, avoiding HAVS (*Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome) issues.
  • Safe and easy handling of cut-off piles.
  • Delivers fast and consistently high-quality cutting results.
    • No rework or secondary process needed, such as surface grinding.
    • Cut-offs can be easily reused.
  • Suitable for a broad range of materials, shapes, and sizes.
  • Compatible with cermet or carbide-tipped circular saws and diamond blades.

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