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Concrete pile cutting

MotoCut Q-Series – A new generation cutting device

The MotoCut Pile Cutter replaces manual labour in physically heavy pile cutting work, making the job even five times faster and most importantly with minimized risk of accidents – safety first!

MotoCut Concrete Pile Cutter can be attached to any min. 7 ton excavator from. It operates with two fast rotating diamond blades. The cutting device is manoeuvered from cabin of the excavator meaning there is no need for hazardous manual cutting work.

Pile cutter Q-Series key technical features


Cut & break

  • Grab the pile and wait until rebars are cut.
  • Retract the grapples and grab the pile from a higher point.
  • Push to break the pile.
  • Place the off-cut to a desired location.



Full cut

  • Grab the pile.
  • Cut through the pile.
  • Release lower grapples.
  • Place the off-cut to a desired location.


MotoCut pile cutter offers remarkable benefits

  • Even up to five times higher production capacity compared to traditional methods
  • Increases significantly operational job safety as no need to work nearby heavy piles
  • High quality and predictable cutting result
  • Easy to attach to an excavator and transport to the job site
  • Independent of construction site work plan and accelerates the site schedules
  • With MotoCut Pile Cutter it’s possible to collect away the excess parts of the piles

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