The new era of pile cutting has arrived!


At MotoCut, we have gained our share from perhaps the toughest work in construction, pile cutting. We have manually cut more than 300 000 piles.

With the wisdom gained through work, we began to develop a new kind of solution, which would both accelerate the completion of construction sites, as well as decisively improve occupational safety. We were able to mechanise pile cutting and patent the solution we had created.

As a result we created the MotoCut pile cutter for concrete pile cutting and Motocut plasma cutter for steel pile and pipe cutting.

Their advantages are

  • Accelerated construction site schedules
  • Significantly improved occupational safety
  • Low-running costs
  • Construction site work is facilitated
  • Quality of the cut is improved
  • Manage an entire contract with one device without the need of manual work