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Frequently asked questions

MotoCut pile cutter details

What size piles can be cut with the MotoCut pile cutters?

Can the MotoCut Q-series pile cutter be used to cut round concrete piles?

What requirements are there for excavator?

What is the voltage system that the MotoCut pile cutter uses?

Is a tilt rotator needed?

Is the device water-cooled?

What about the water in the winter, does it freeze?

Use of MotoCut pile cutter

Can MotoCut pile cutter be operated by one person?

How quickly does the machine cut the pile?

How is the maintenance of the device organized?

How often and how should the device be serviced?

Maintenance and service of MotoCut pile cutter

How long does the device last?

How to recognize a MotoCut pile cutter service company?

Do original spare parts need to be used?

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