We mechanise pile cutting

MotoCut is a Finnish company specialised in the auxiliary equipment for excavators. Its modern facilities are located in Kerava, Finland; on route national road 4.

Our mission is to make the excavator even more versatile and more cost-effective, as well as safer to use, thereby producing competitive advantage for our customers.

We are customer-oriented when developing our products. We have obtained two international patents, and in Finland we won the Quality Innovation of the Year 2012 award with our MotoCut pile cutter.

MotoCut Oy in brief

MotoCut Oy was founded in 2012, and its first product, the MotoCut pile cutter, came on the market in 2014. Since then, we have conquered the world, one construction site at a time, with the intention to mechanise pile cutting by increasing efficiency and improving occupational safety.


Mechanise and accelerate pile cutting, as well as improve occupational safety and quality.


The world’s leading manufacturer and solution provider of pile cutting and related auxiliary equipment, and in connection with it, provide the best user and customer experience.


Designs, develops, manufacturers and markets mechanised pile cutting devices, solutions and spare parts, as well as organises servicing at a global level.

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