MotoCut Pile Cutter Attachment for excavators make pile cutting safer, produce high
quality cuts consistently and increase productivity remarkably. From the MotoCut pile
cutting product range you’ll find saw type cutters for square concrete piles as well as
plasma cutters for round steel piles and pipes.


Competitive advantage for civil engineering contractors

Flawless and even cutting results

Acceleration of construction site schedules

Double cutting speed compared to manual labour

Conditions independent speed and quality

Safe and easy to use

Attachable to excavators of more than 5 tonnes and, where appropriate, to other machinery

MotoCut pile cutter – award-winning quality

The MotoCut pile cutter cuts concrete piles and now also steel piles and pipes quickly, safely, easily and without compromising on quality.

MotoCut’s innovations are new generation tools, pile cutters that can be installed to an excavator. Company came out to market in 2014 with MotoCut pile cutter for cutting concrete piles. MotoCut’s newest innovation launched at CONEXPO CON/AGG in March 2017, is a plasma cutter for cutting tubular steel piles and pipes.

The MotoCut pile cutter won the Quality Innovation of the Year 2012 Competition arranged by the Finnish Quality Association Laatukeskus Excellence Finland.

The MotoCut pile cutter is a Finnish innovation, which was invented by Teppei Morimoto. A long history of manual pile cutting work has helped Morimoto identify the need for the device.

The pile cutter has an international patent.

MotoCut pile cutter for concrete piles

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Pile cutting - the new era of pile cutting by MotoCut

MotoCut plasma cutter for steel piles and pipes

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MotoCut P400 Plasma Steel Pile and Pipe Cutter Attachment