MotoCut’s Plasma Cutter is here

MotoCut proudly presents the results of our latest product development: you can now cut steel piles and pipes with plasma! Welcome to our headquarters in Kerava from 28 November 2017 to test a new MotoCut Plasma Cutter. The product is already on sale, too.

Familiarize yourself with Plasma Cutter by watching the video below:

MotoCut’s newest innovation is a plasma cutter for cutting tubular steel piles and pipes. We’ve reached a new level of versatility for excavators as we’ve for the first time made possible to use plasma cutter as a mobile version and has the benefit of being able to remove the waste while working.  The MotoCut pile cutter cuts concrete piles quickly, safely, easily and without compromising on quality. The MotoCut pile cutter is a new generation cutting device, which is attached to the excavator. It is the first solution on the market, which uses plasma cutting. Our pile cutter has an international patent.