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Improving efficiency one site at a time

MotoCut is a Finnish company specialized in the auxiliary equipment for excavators. Its modern facilities are located in Ylöjärvi, Finland.

Our mission is to make the excavator even more versatile and more cost-effective, as well as safer to use, thereby producing competitive advantage for our customers.

We are customer-oriented when developing our products. We have also obtained two international patents.


MotoCut Oy in brief

MotoCut Oy was founded in 2012 to provide pile cutting services. In 2017 MotoCut stopped offering manual pile cutting services and focused on developement work for  MotoCut pile cutter prototypes, a solution to replace traditional dangerous pile cutting methods.


At MotoCut, we have gained our share from perhaps the toughest work in construction, pile cutting.

With the wisdom gained through work, we began to develop a new kind of solutions, which would both accelerate the completion of construction sites, as well as decisively improve safety in pile cutting work. We were able to automatize concrete and steel pile cutting after long development. As a result we created the MotoCut pile cutter for concrete pile cutting and Motocut plasma cutter for steel pile and pipe cutting.

To develop, manufacture and provide automatic pile cutting solutions for pile driving and foundation markets.

To be the leading manufacturer of the safest and most efficient pile cutting solutions with the best customer experience.

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