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Maximizing safety and efficiency in pile cutting

Picture: Kemi bioproduct mill foundation with over 60000 concrete piles cut.

The new bioproduct mill site in Kemi, Finland is a great project to demonstrate abilities of MotoCut pile cutters. Currently there are two Q-350 MotoCut pile cutters operating every day to cut over 60000 concrete piles in a tight schedule without compromising safety.

Safety first - Minimize risks

MotoCut was established in 2012 with a mission to improve safety and efficiency in construction sites. Pile cutting is usually done manually with either hydraulic, electric or petrol handsaws where employee is exposed to heavy physical work, dust, fumes and flying debris. Cutting work is also carried in groups where excavator still needs to support the pile to prevent it from falling while saw operator is cutting the pile. Transporting piles away also needs an excavator with grapples or other lifting equipment, which increases work force amount and risks while saw operators continue to cut piles. Company was able to release its first Q-series concrete pile cutter in 2015, which could be operated by a single excavator operator without the need of additional work force.

MotoCut was able to prove that cutting piles can also be safe and efficient. Since then, company has been able to deliver cutters worldwide with a global dealer network. MotoCut also released its P-series (plasma) steel pile cutters in 2018 to provide automatic cutting for steel piles as well. MotoCut also launched its own MotoTilt-rotators to offer complete cutting solution package to its customers.

Using manual petrol and hydraulic saws is very outdated at construction sites and not worth risking employee safety. With MotoCut pile cutting equipment cutting work is carried out fully safely, predictable and sustainable. MotoCut equipment already fully supports electric excavators to contribute for sustainable construction site operation, meaning emission free operation in pile cutting.

Improving efficiency one site at a time

Existing customers have already given a lot of feedback on MotoCut equipment. Most customers are amazed by the improved safety and predictability in site planning. Customers also like to point out that with MotoCut pile cutters it is 5-8 times faster to cut piles compared to traditional methods, because the equipment only needs a single operator and will be able to carry out whole process from cutting to transportation.

MotoCut will be participating in Maxpo 5.-7.5.2022, which is the largest exhibition for land construction and environmental maintenance machines in Finland.

Welcome to stand B149 to see the latest MotoCut Q and P-series pile cutters!

Motocut Ltd. has strengthened sales development to respond to the demands of our growing business operations. Mr. Timo Sihvo joins MotoCut from Tamturbo Ltd, where he has previously worked as Sales Support Leader for the last seven years. He has also background in business administration and a degree in mechanical engineering. In his new role, Timo will focus on developing international sales and drive growth across our distributor network to build the winning customer experience for MotoCut pile cutting solutions.

Mr. Sihvo describes the company in following way: “MotoCut offers the most efficient and safest pile cutting solutions available in the market. Transition from old cutting methods to new alternative technologies has already started. It will be great to promote this technology with our distributors supported by our professional team.”

CEO Ilkka Hietala is happy about the new addition to the MotoCut sales team: “Timo has a versatile experience on sales, project management and understands the demands for mechanical engineering. Sales to our global customers will be his main area of responsibility. He will report to CEO. Timo is a great asset to our dynamic and skilled organization”.

Read the letter here

We are happy to announce that Stockholms Geomekaniska AB (Geomek) is our new Swedish dealer.

Like we all know, a good partner is the best foundation. This week we started our cooperation with Geomek, an expert in foundations and geotechnics. Since 1995, Geomek has shown strong growth with increasing sales in Sweden. We are happy to have them as our local dealer, to help our customers to work easier, more efficient and less expensive.

We are happy to announce that there are now altogether 16 global dealers for MotoCut solutions globally and two operating contractors. You can find their contact details and a map in our Dealer web pages.

Mr. Ilkka Hietala has been appointed as the new President and CEO for Finland based MotoCut Ltd  as of 22 March, 2021. Ilkka brings years of industrial experience and a versatile background to the  position. Ilkka`s most recent position has been CEO at Kiitosimeon Group. He has also worked as  Country Manager for Volvo Financial Services and as Sales Director for GE Equipment Services. MotoCut’s previous CEO, Mr. Samuli Salmela, will continue as an advisor until the end of April, after  which he will continue his role in Tampereen Konepajat Oy as the CEO for Geomachine Oy. 

“My experience in managing diverse customer base across multiple distribution channels  internationally will serve MotoCut well, and I`m looking forward to the challenges ahead. MotoCut  is a great technology company. I am very enthusiastic to take the company to the next level and  help people around the world to make pile cutting safer and faster.” says the newly appointed CEO  Ilkka Hietala. 

“I would like to thank Samuli for the great work he has done for MotoCut. I look forward to working  with Ilkka, who has the right experience and capabilities to lead MotoCut to become the next  Finnish success story globally” says Timo Leivo, Chairman of the Board at MotoCut. 

For further information: 

Timo Leivo (+358 50 1929) 

Ilkka Hietala (+358 50 535 3700) 

Samuli Salmela (+358 40 807 3873)

MotoCut virtual showroom is used for interactive introductions of innovative pile cutting systems. All MotoCut dealers all over the world are warmly welcome to our MotoCut sales & technical training events.


MotoCut mechanizes pile cutting on construction sites around the world. Just like modern forest machines have replaced chainsaws in forestry, MotoCut pile cutters will replace manual labor in physically demanding pile cutting work.

Last year we did major improvements to the quality and performance of our products. There is always room for improvement, but overall, the current portfolio is now in good shape. The next major improvement to the portfolio will be to bring pile crushing functionality and quick connectivity to the product family. This will significantly widen our sales potential and open new markets also for the existing products.

In the beginning of year 2021, we have made investments to our team and recruited electrical and mechanical engineers. Let’s welcome Tomi Aronen and Ville Lindsten to the team! MotoCut strategy remains unchanged. We will make pile cutting safer and faster globally. We will continue to work through our local sales and service partners and keep on expanding our business as we move forward.

Please read more in our communication letter: MotoCut Oy - Communication letter 1-2021


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Samuli Salmela, CEO

MotoCut, Bauer Equipment of America (BEA) and Traxxon Foundation Equipment (TFE) have joined their forces in order to bring the MotoCut’s revolutionary pile cutting technology into the extensive North American foundation construction markets. In this new co-operation model BEA will be responsible for the sales of the MotoCut units in the USA. With TFE will be responsible for sales and service in Canada. TFE will also assume a role as the importer and a service partner for the MotoCut products into North America.

MotoCut’s CEO Samuli Salmela is enthusiastic about this new partnership. “We have already worked in a partnership with TFE in Canada and in some parts of the US. Now getting to work with an industry giant like Bauer Equipment America, provides us with an excellent opportunity to take our technology to the massive US market.”

BEA Sales Director Shaun Nelson is also thrilled about the new co-operation: “We believe that the MotoCut product line is a great fit to our existing foundation equipment portfolio. Moving forward with MotoCut products will now allow us to provide excellent technical, sales, and service support to all new and existing BEA customers.”

“We have worked for years as a service partner with BEA, focusing on Bauer and Klemm drill rigs. Now, with the addition of the MotoCut product line, we will be able to provide customers with added technology that will ensure an increase in productivity and safety as it pertains to the cutting of piles.  We believe that there will be also a great market for MotoCut products in Canada” Says Simon Bennett the Vice President and General Manager of TFE.

The new co-operation model takes place immediately. The first units will be delivered according to the new distribution chain in October.

Further information:

Samuli Salmela
+358 40 807 3873

BAUER Maschinen GmbH designs and manufactures rotary drilling rigs, foundation cranes, diaphragm wall equipment and all related tools. As a subsidiary of BAUER Maschinen GmbH, BAUER Equipment America Inc. (BEA) is a sales and service center and provides the full range of specialist foundation engineering equipment and equipment for exploration, mining and safeguarding of valuable natural resources. BAUER Maschinen offers "more than just the machine". Based on the company's extensive experience, customers are provided with complete solutions from a single source.

Traxxon Foundation Equipment Inc (TFE) has worked for years together BEA in North American markets as their service partner.  TFE aims to carry out solutions that allow customers to lower their equipment owning and operating costs while achieving maximum uptime. TFE has also been the marketing and service partner for MotoCut in Canada and the USA.

MotoCut Oy is a Finnish developer and manufacturer of revolutionary mechanized pile cutting equipment. Just like modern forest machines have replaced chainsaws in forestry, MotoCut pile cutters aim to replace manual labor in physically demanding pile cutting work.

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