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MotoCut maximizing safety and efficiency at a Kemi


Maximizing safety and efficiency in pile cutting

Picture: Kemi bioproduct mill foundation with over 60000 concrete piles cut.

The new bioproduct mill site in Kemi, Finland is a great project to demonstrate abilities of MotoCut pile cutters. Currently there are two Q-350 MotoCut pile cutters operating every day to cut over 60000 concrete piles in a tight schedule without compromising safety.

Safety first - Minimize risks

MotoCut was established in 2012 with a mission to improve safety and efficiency in construction sites. Pile cutting is usually done manually with either hydraulic, electric or petrol handsaws where employee is exposed to heavy physical work, dust, fumes and flying debris. Cutting work is also carried in groups where excavator still needs to support the pile to prevent it from falling while saw operator is cutting the pile. Transporting piles away also needs an excavator with grapples or other lifting equipment, which increases work force amount and risks while saw operators continue to cut piles. Company was able to release its first Q-series concrete pile cutter in 2015, which could be operated by a single excavator operator without the need of additional work force.

MotoCut was able to prove that cutting piles can also be safe and efficient. Since then, company has been able to deliver cutters worldwide with a global dealer network. MotoCut also released its P-series (plasma) steel pile cutters in 2018 to provide automatic cutting for steel piles as well. MotoCut also launched its own MotoTilt-rotators to offer complete cutting solution package to its customers.

Using manual petrol and hydraulic saws is very outdated at construction sites and not worth risking employee safety. With MotoCut pile cutting equipment cutting work is carried out fully safely, predictable and sustainable. MotoCut equipment already fully supports electric excavators to contribute for sustainable construction site operation, meaning emission free operation in pile cutting.

Improving efficiency one site at a time

Existing customers have already given a lot of feedback on MotoCut equipment. Most customers are amazed by the improved safety and predictability in site planning. Customers also like to point out that with MotoCut pile cutters it is 5-8 times faster to cut piles compared to traditional methods, because the equipment only needs a single operator and will be able to carry out whole process from cutting to transportation.

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