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Ilkka Hietala appointed as MotoCut's CEO


Mr. Ilkka Hietala has been appointed as the new President and CEO for Finland based MotoCut Ltd  as of 22 March, 2021. Ilkka brings years of industrial experience and a versatile background to the  position. Ilkka`s most recent position has been CEO at Kiitosimeon Group. He has also worked as  Country Manager for Volvo Financial Services and as Sales Director for GE Equipment Services. MotoCut’s previous CEO, Mr. Samuli Salmela, will continue as an advisor until the end of April, after  which he will continue his role in Tampereen Konepajat Oy as the CEO for Geomachine Oy. 

“My experience in managing diverse customer base across multiple distribution channels  internationally will serve MotoCut well, and I`m looking forward to the challenges ahead. MotoCut  is a great technology company. I am very enthusiastic to take the company to the next level and  help people around the world to make pile cutting safer and faster.” says the newly appointed CEO  Ilkka Hietala. 

“I would like to thank Samuli for the great work he has done for MotoCut. I look forward to working  with Ilkka, who has the right experience and capabilities to lead MotoCut to become the next  Finnish success story globally” says Timo Leivo, Chairman of the Board at MotoCut. 

For further information: 

Timo Leivo (+358 50 1929) 

Ilkka Hietala (+358 50 535 3700) 

Samuli Salmela (+358 40 807 3873)

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