Automated pile cutters: The new generation models are here!

Automated Pile Cutters

MotoCut Pile Cutter is a new generation’s cutting device, which has won the Quality Innovation Prize. Replace your manual disc cutters and hydraulic croppers and cut concrete and steel piles with hydraulically-driven MotoCut pile cutters.

The new generation models are here!

MotoCut extends its concrete pile cutting product line with full cut models, which are available up to 500×500 mm. Now the product line covers:
Concrete pile cutting (cutting range in the picture below)
Steel pile cutting

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5 x higher productivity

  • Compared to manual cutting, MotoCut cutters offer even five times higher productivity.
  • Replace traditional manual work
  • Improve job safety

Safety first

MotoCut Pile Cutters can be attached to an excavator and operated from the cabin:

  • No risks of falling piles, dust or HAVS issues
  • Easy to handle from the excavator cabin without standing in the risk zone

Read more from our updated brochure.