Piling industry is booming!

We’re shipping cutters like never before. After our visit to CONEXPO CON/AGG, new companies around the world have found out a way to mechanize their pile cutting efforts instead of obsolete manual pile cutting methods.

Our respective customers share similar challenges in pile cutting. Their construction site schedules are under strain of weather and workforce conditions, their occupational safety needs improvement, construction sites could be accelerated and overall financial performance of the construction sites could be improved greatly.

Get acquainted with our newest customer stories

One of our new clients in Great Britain had problems with keeping up the timetables at piling sites and wanted to improve their occupational safety while lowering their insurance costs by mechanizing their pile cutting efforts. Another customer in Sweden wanted to get rid of manual labor of the cutting and cut the slack from the construction schedules all while getting better profit from the operations.

Our newest client in Scandinavia wanted to operate independent of weather conditions, as in Nordics they change from ground frost to torrential rains. After mechanizing their pile cutting efforts, they also got improved occupational safety while speeding up the pile cutting process and cutting out the idling onsite.

How about your piling sites? Could they benefit from mechanizing pile cutting operations? Get acquainted with our pile cutting solutions!