How to speed things up at a piling site

Speeding things up at a piling site is not rocket science. Mainly it’s about monitoring and eliminating waste. In the renovation of the technical systems and services of a building, for example, turnaround times have become significantly shorter when a nature camera has been used to monitor the actions at a worksite and to determine what causes waste or delays.

In pile cutting, waste is often caused by unnecessary visits of the dedicated personnel when the piles have not been uncovered enough or conditions change due to water rising into the excavations or the ground freezing, i.e. when extra work is required. Few construction sites can afford to have pile-cutting staff waiting on standby. Therefore, things need to happen systematically and on schedule. Since conditions can seldom be chosen, many have turned to mechanical help in pile cutting.

To speed up operations at a piling site, it is good to anticipate situations, plan the worksite carefully, and employ experienced supervisors that are able to identify and avoid problem situations.

In manual pile cutting, the workers are often at nature’s mercy. It’s not possible to safely cut more than a certain number of piles per day, and sometimes delays are caused by both natural conditions and by ensuring safety at the worksite. A single occupational accident is one too many – it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Mechanised pile cutting often generates benefits from the point of view of both conditions and occupational safety. With a pile cutter on-site, work stages can be carried out in logical turns without compromising occupational safety. Dedicated pile cutting staff do not have to be on standby, because the piles can be cut flexibly by permanent on-site personnel.

Speeding up work at a piling site is, therefore, a sum of many factors: methodicalness, anticipation and, above all, the use of the right tools in the right places. Often all working methods, including site supervision, need to be rethought, but by implementing mechanical processes many worksites can both speed up operations and improve occupational safety.