Changes in MotoCut Ltd’s operations management

Anssi Jansson, CEO of MotoCut Oy (Ltd), will lead company’s operational activities from now on. Antti Mäkelä, the former CEO and one of the founding members, will move to new challenges outside the company as of 29 September 2017.

M.Sc. (Eng.) Anssi Jansson has a long experience in the international industrial market. “I thank Antti for the excellent work and being my sparring partner in the daily operations, when I was appointed as President and CEO in May. Now is the time to let MotoCut to get up to its own wings. In the future, we will focus on opening international markets and launching new products. Our goal is to become the leading provider of innovative industrial pile and pipe cutting solutions globally”, says Anssi Jansson.

More information:
Anssi Jansson
President & CEO
+358 40 5445441