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MotoCut Pile Cutting

Faster Pile Cutting with Unmatched Precision, Safety and Efficiency.

MotoCut® transforms traditional pile cutting into a safe, efficient, and productive process with its smart solution, tailored to the dynamic needs of construction sites.

With our tools, you can work with great efficiency, agility, and precision, offering significant benefits such as reduced labor costs, faster completion times, and higher quality cuts.

MotoCut Q-Series and MotoCut P-400 plasma cutter


Low running costs
Significantly lower labour costs, handled by one operator
Excellent quality of the cut - off-cuts can be easily welded together
Increase productivity & save capital
Eliminates hazardous cutting tasks & zones
Sustainable cutting - removes need for petrol saws

MotoCut pile cutter –
award-winning quality

MotoCut pile cutters cut concrete piles or steel piles and pipes quickly, safely, efficiently and without compromising on quality. All MotoCut pile cutters are fully automated.

MotoCut concrete pile cutter is a Finnish innovation. Equipment was developed to replace dangerous manual pile cutting tasks with unsustainable petrol and hydraulics saws. Company mission is to improve safety, efficiency and sustainability globally in construction sites.

The MotoCut concrete pile cutter also won the Quality Innovation Award in Finland. The competition was arranged by the Finnish Quality Association – Laatukeskus Excellence Finland.

Concrete pile cutting Steel pile cutting

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